Apply for Up To $2,500 Easy Advance*

Beginning in January, you can get an Easy Advance* up to $2,500 at M&M Tax Service. Yes that’s right; Easy Advance* loans are available this year! With the IRS announcing they will be holding tax refunds of early tax return filers who have children until February 15th or later, you may need this money now. Many times we see people that count on their early season tax refund check to catch them up on their bills after the holidays.

Apply Now!

Apply Now! The Easy Advance* up to $2,500 at no additional charge to you when you choose M&M Income Tax Service to prepare and file your income tax return. That’s right, no additional cost for the Easy Advance* to you.

It's Easy!

Tax advance requests are approved or declined based on prior year tax refund history and information on your current year tax return.

It's Quick!

Money is typically available within 24 hours or less. Easy Advance* loans are available the first day the IRS opens for filing.

*To qualify for the $2,500 loan amount, your net refund must be at least $7,000. An Easy Advance (EA) is a loan secured by your tax refund and is offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, member FDIC, to eligible taxpayers. There are no fees or interest associated with the EA. Loan amount is determined by your expected tax refund less authorized fees. EA proceeds are typically available within 24 hours of IRS acceptance of tax return or within 24 hours for those filing before the IRS start date; however, if direct deposit is selected, it may take additional time for your financial institution to post the funds to your account. Visit your tax preparer to learn about the cost and timing of all filing and product options. Program ending 02/28/18.


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